Monday, 8 August 2016

Driving it W(HAIR)?

The problem with most hair oils are that they tend to smell almost medicine-like and unbearable. If it makes your hair smoother and sleeker than its tolerable I guess when you sleeping alone but its problematic when you share a pillow with someone else. Most married ladies will tell you that most of their products (hair oils especially)  stay locked away in the cupboards never to be used again if they have an unbearable smell for their spouses. One thing I personally love about Kardashian Beauty hair oil is the smell. It gives your tresses a whiff of black seeds and is neither too potent nor overly medicine-like.  The soft scent fades slightly during the day but the effects of the oil lasts until you wash your hair.

The black seed oil is available in a mini travel size ideal (15ml) bottle as well as a handy spray-as-you-go (90ml) bottle.

I've been using my mini bottle for over a month now and it is still lasting luckily as this is one rejuvenating and nourishing formula that I don't want to get finished in a hurry. It's best applied by pouring just a few drops on your palm and then massaging it into your hair starting at the roots and finishing it off at the ends. After use my hair is left feeling silky smooth, stronger and oddly enough more fuller and thicker. The shine factor is just another reason why I particularly love this formula. The fact the KB black seed oil is so lightweight and non greasy makes its an absolutely delightful product and can see you through many days of no washing before your hair starts to look ultra greasy.  I use a dab of black seed oil on damp hair prior to my blow drying routine. The oil is easily absorbed by your hair and hence does not weigh it down in any way.

Another product which I use every alternate day after a hair wash is the KB blow dry cream. The blow dry cream is a light weight smoothing cream that eliminates frizz and fly-aways while you blow dry. A great advantage of this product is that it shortens blow drying time by reducing heat exposure. Your hair is left smoother and softer and so it takes less time to blow dry. The antioxidants protects the hair from environmental damage, reconstructs damaged hair and promotes healthy hair.

The combination of black seed oil and blow dry cream when used together is a potent combination and leads to shiny hair that's full, tame and perfect.

Drive your finest hair style with KB hair products.

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